Protecting Important Documents

Living in the heartland we find ourselves at risk for various natural disasters which we must be prepared for in all aspects of our lives. One of those aspects which is often overlooked is the protection of important documents.  

When it comes to storing vital documents which you do not access often, one of the best options is to store it in a safety deposit box wherever you bank. These are generally more secure and provide better protection against natural disasters than any at-home storage.  

However, for when you need to store your documents at home, here are the best ways to ensure they can withstand whatever life throws their way: 

Fire Proof Safe 

A fire proof safe is really the best option for storing documents at home with no risk of them going from paper to ash.  

Waterproof Document Pouches 

The title really says it all, but you don’t want to risk watering your documents. Unlike us, they really do not need water to live.  

Digital Backups 

This advice is a little more difficult to implement because it requires a level of tech savvy to do appropriately, but if you or someone you know has the know-how, take the time to scan your documents and upload them to a secure location. 

 It is worth noting digital copies of documents are often not acceptable alternatives to the original in many cases and if you do not properly secure your documents once they are uploaded you risk compromising your information. Thus, this recommendation comes with a very strong disclaimer that you should only do it if you are confident you can do it correctly. That being said, digital backups can come in very handy, especially if you need access to the documents remotely.  

Physical Backups 

Finally, if you have a trusted third party who can reliably store a copy of your documents, you can reach out to them and inquire if they would be willing to do so. 

 A level of redundancy is always helpful in keeping documents secure, but it is worth noting the more people who have access to your documents the more risk you are at of having your information abused. Only do this for documents you deem truly necessary and with people whom you trust completely. You want to ensure the risk to reward is balanced when taking precautions for disaster.  

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