Precautions to take because of COVID-19

The coronavirus has turned life as we know it on its head. People across the world are being forced to adjust their daily lives to ensure that we can slow the spread of the virus and reduce its impact on communities everywhere. This is a point in time where the individual choices we make can create waves of impact. To do this, however, everyone must take certain precautions. Before all else, you want to: 

Avoid Exposure 

The coronavirus is more contagious than the flu and currently medical resources are being stretched thin to handle the large influx of patients, so it is best if you do not risk coming into contact with the virus. Some precautions you can take to avoid exposure are: 

  1. Stay Home. Leave your house as little as possible and interact with as few people as possible. 
  2. If you must leave, wear a mask and remain 6 feet apart from other individuals.
  3.  While you are out, sanitize or wash your hands as often as possible and cover up any coughs. 

Avoid Exposing Others 

Due to the highly contagious nature of the virus, it is inevitable that some people will be exposed to the virus. If you believe you have been exposed to the coronavirus:  

  1. Stay home, full stop. A self-quarantine period of two weeks needs to be taken to ensure you are no longer contagious. 
  2. Avoid contact with the rest of your household as much as possible during this period. 
  3. Only leave self-quarantine to receive medical care.  
  4. This includes being tested for the coronavirus. 
  5. Talk to your primary physician so they can direct you to a test if you are eligible. 
  6. After two weeks have passed, you should be fine to return to avoiding exposure.  

Avoid Infecting Others 

If you are exhibiting any symptoms that are similar to coronavirus symptoms: 

  1. Talk to your primary care physician. They will determine if you are eligible for a coronavirus test. 
  2. If you test positive for Coronavirus, follow the CDC guidelines for What to Do if You are Sick 

These precautions may be unrealistic or difficult to follow based on the individual circumstances of a person’s life. Here are additional outside resources to reduce the strain that the coronavirus may be putting on you.  

Legal Resources 

Temporary Housing for Quarantining or Isolating


Financial Assistance 

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