Winter Driving Safety

driving on icy roads with frost on the windscreen

As we prepare to travel for the holidays, it’s a perfect time to review safe practices for driving in extreme cold conditions. Freezing rain and Black Ice are common when the temperature hovers just around 32 °F. Give yourself extra time to reach your destination, drive slowly and without distractions, and follow these other tips provided by the Nebraska Department of Roads.

  • Know before you go! Before you ever plan to drive, check or your 511 app for current road conditions.
  • Make sure you have enough fuel. Keep at least half a tank.
  • Clear all snow fro the hood (especially the air intake vents), roof, windows, and lights. Clear all windows of fog.
  • If you are forced to stop at the side of the road, put on emergency flashers.
  • Carrying a cell phone gives you an edge in an emergency. A car charger for the phone battery, or an extra charged battery is also a good idea. Never use the phone while you are driving the car.
  • Give yourself extra time to travel, plan your route and let someone know your destination, the highways you will travel on, and when you will be expected.
  • Keep to the main roads. Avoid passing another vehicle when weather conditions are bad.
  • Wear warm clothing that does not restrict movement. Dressing in layers is always a good idea.
  • Pack a Vehicle Survival Kit and keep it in the trunk of the car at all times.

Also, check out this useful infographic that details how to drive on Black Ice.