March is Red Cross Month

Every eight minutes, the American Red Cross helps people in need thanks to volunteers. Each year the president of the United States declares March as “Red Cross Month”. The Red Cross uses March to honor and celebrate everyday heroes who help fulfill their mission. They want you to unleash your inner hero today!

Ways that you can unleash your inner hero are by:

  1. Donating
  2. Giving blood
  3. Taking a class
    1. First Aid, CPR, AED, Babysitting/Child Care, Swimming/Water Safety, Lifeguarding, CNA, and Instructor Training
  4. Volunteering

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first president to proclaim March as the Red Cross Month. In 1943 he said, “I request that during that month (March) our people rededicate themselves to the splendid aims and activities of the Red Cross.” Since then, every president has declared March as Red Cross Month.

A few interesting ‘Did You Know’s?’

  • 91 cents of every dollar the ARC spends is invested in humanitarian services & programs
  • The ARC is part of the world’s largest volunteer network


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