Pet Fire Safety Day (July 15th)

National Pet Fire Safety Day is recognized annually on July 15th. The American Kennel Club along with ADT Security Services declared National Pet Fire Safety Day in 2009.

Just like people, pets also need to be considered when preparing for unexpected fires and emergencies. You can take preventable measures to save both your home and your pets. If you don’t consider taking these steps, it may cause a fire down the road.

Here are some pet fire safety tips:

  • Extinguish open flames such as candles when pets are around
  • Consider flameless candles if you need extra light in your home
  • Replace glass water bowls with metal or plastic. Glass bowls can actually start fires if left outside on a wooden deck in the heat.
  • Secure young pets when you are away from home
  • Get a fire alert window cling for the rooms that your pets will be in to help firefighters know that there are pets inside.

Did you know? Pets cause over 1000 house fires each year in the US! Also, over 40,000 pets die every year in house fires; awareness can save lives.

Social Media Fun! Put the above tips into practice and have a fire drill! Use #PetFireSafetyDay to post on social media. You can help raise awareness to family and friends about how they too can keep their pets safe from fires.


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